Lovran is the town of long and rich history with centuries-old tradition in tourism. It was named after the laurel (Laurus nobilis), which grows abundantly in the evergreen groves in the town and surrounding area. Of all the places that have developed on the steep eastern slopes of Učka, Lovran is the oldest, coming into being at the Liburnian coast. Lovran has preserved its historical core and medieval city plan. The old city was surrounded by defensive walls and bastions, on which foundations and walls houses were built over time. Courtyards of the Old Town are the charm and the specialty of Mediterranean urban architecture. Behind the stone portals are visible facades of neighboring houses, decorated steps, porches and vaults and in the middle of the courtyard is the wellhead.

The good climate, lush Mediterranean vegetation and a favorable geographical position enabled the strong development of tourism during the 19th and 20th centuries. Lovran is from this time, together with Opatija, the most important place of the famous Riviera. Several villas built at that time are one of the world's architectural heritage.

Lovran in the 21st century, has a rich historical heritage, a centuries-old tradition, preserved nature and a good infrastructure. All of that helps to re-launch tourism along with sustainable development and respect for all ecological standards.